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Real-life superhero Tom Holland saves distressed fan from aggressive “graphers”

Photo: Raymond Hall (GC Images)

Tom Holland is currently making the promo rounds for his upcoming Spider-Man movie, Far From Home, which opens July 2. This means he’s currently getting mobbed just about everywhere he goes, not just by fans but by “graphers,” people anxious to get Holland’s autograph and then sell it for a high price on the internet.

In New York yesterday, a Twitter user named @NamelessCass somehow tweeted her panic attack as she was trying to meet Holland while getting pushed against the barricade by a large group of men trying to get his autograph. As she says she’s having a panic attack, Holland is reassuring, saying “I got you, I got you” while threatening to throw the graphers’ stuff on the ground.


At another event, Holland again tried to get the crowd to calm down while trying to meet his fans, staying firm while trying to enforce some crowd control.


Tom Holland is a 23-year-old, non-Thor-size man, which makes his strength and poise in the midst of these stressful events—all while looking out for his actual fans—even more impressive. But then again, you have to figure that a guy who can do this can do anything.

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