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Real-life speedster Usain Bolt wants to be in the Flash movie

(Photo: Getty Images/Anadolu Agency, Salih Zeki Fazlolu)

In what could be a fun nod to the days when Superman fought Muhammad Ali in the comics, actual fastest man alive Usain Bolt wants to meet fiction’s fastest man alive in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Flash movie. Bolt offered that suggestion in an interview with MTV International, answering a question about superhero movies by saying he’d “maybe do a cameo in The Flash.” He even noted that he would “talk to some people” to see if he could make it happen, which is the sort of thing you can do when you have a bunch of gold medals.

Now, the easy route to take here would be for WB to cast him as himself or just some random guy who yells at Ezra Miller’s Flash to “slow down” or whatever, but it would be a lot more fun if the studio had him play Jay Garrick, the original Flash from the ‘40s. It might not fit with the established canon of the other Justice League movies, but who says there wasn’t some other speedster running around before Barry Allen showed up? At the very least, a clever cameo from a DC Comics icon (played by a real-life icon) might distract people from all of the directors who keep quitting this movie.


(via Cinema Blend)

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