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Real-life Mortal Kombat fatalities are unsurprisingly gruesome

Illustration for article titled Real-lifei Mortal Kombat /ifatalities are unsurprisingly gruesome

Those who are squeamish and don’t care about saving Earthrealm from utter annihilation probably don’t play Mortal Kombat very often. The rest of us can’t get enough of the excessive gore, never-ending violence, and remarkably horrific fatalities. The newest installment of the arcade game franchise, Mortal Kombat X, was actually the fastest selling game in the history of the series. If there’s anything to be learned from that, it’s that people still enjoy seeing how much they can beat the crap out of Johnny Cage.


Australian Youtubers Danny and Michael Philippou (a.k.a. RackaRacka) were curious to find out how terrifying a live-action take on Mortal Kombat’s ferocious fatalities could be. And while it’s nothing like the 20-year-old film the franchise spawned because the gang isn’t wearing costumes, the video does include a ton of spine-ripping, heart-pummeling, intestine-whipping fun. There’s also a very special undead ninja guest to finish things off.

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