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Real life Mario Kart Balloon Battle is amazing, tremendously unsafe

Michigan-based boredom fighters The Nothing To Do Crew got some friends together recently to recreate Mario Kart’s Balloon Battle mode with real people. Their karts are just cardboard strapped over their shoulders, bankruptcy barrel-style, and they are shooting each other’s balloons out using Roman candles.

Yes, it’s essentially a bunch of adults in cosplay running around having a Roman candle fight, but also looks like a ton of fun. It’s fun just to watch them. Everyone who’s ever played Mario Kart has tried to figure out a way to make this happen IRL without accidentally creating a high speed car chase or getting arrested at a go-kart track, and these folks have finally done it. They’re living the dream.


That said, we cannot endorse this behavior, and we would like to actively discourage you from trying this at home. You know what they say about cosplay Roman candle fights: It’s all fun and games until someone gets their Yoshi suit melted onto their skin.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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