As handed down in by ancient Norse seers (by which we mean, the cast of The View), a prophecy has been revealed: Marvel’s Thor will be losing his hammer soon, with an as-yet unknown female character being judged more worthy to wield it and the attendant godly mantle. And, because it’s impossible to make any changes to a long-running comic book character without the Internet exploding (and because the public reveal of the change was specifically designed to get people talking about the character), the response on social media has been varied and dramatic. But all of that response, ranging from teeth-gnashing anger to vociferous support, has been from fans. How does Thor himself feel about the loss?

Dorkly contributor Andrew Bridgman has posted a series of images imagining Thor’s Facebook response to learning the news. Several characters, including the alien Beta Ray Bill and the X-Men’s Storm, pop up in the thread, reminding the soon-to-be-demoted god of times he’s lost the hammer to them in the past. You can read them all over at Dorkly, although this exchange, with a conversation between “Dave”—a.k.a. the hammerless Thor—being taunted by his half-brother Loki, the mythological grandfather of obnoxious trolling, is probably the best.