Over the weekend, a Reddit user who goes by the name of DoobieSchnauzer decided to spend two solid days doing nothing but “eating LSD and watching The Simpsons.” Yesterday, with the acid probably not entirely cleared from his system, he posted his findings to r/television and r/drugs. Here are a few of the key takeaways:

We are all Bart—We all feel unappreciated, because people decide to focus on our flaws instead of our talents. We all resent authority. We’ve been influenced by bad people, and been a bad influence. We all seek thrills that hurt us and those around us.

Springfield is a human brain. Each inhabitant is a perfect representation of another piece of us.

The Simpsons evolved American society. They got us talking about corruption on both sides of American politics, gay rights, good and bad parenting, good pet ownership, the ethics of vegetarianism, the tropes in our entertainment, and just about everything else.


And most importantly:

Matt Groening is a God.

While DoobieSchnauzer refuses to pick a favorite episode, he admits to a strong affinity for “Bart Gets An F,” the first episode of the second season, because, “It perfectly illustrates all the frustrations felt by all creative, stupid, and flawed people.”


You can read all his acid-induced Simpsons musings here.