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Read This: What it’s like being Amy Poehler’s Parks And Rec stand-in

When kids are small, they can probably name about five different jobs: doctor, teacher, fireman, police officer, and princess. (“Astronaut” might in there, too.) Eventually, that list gets a bit longer, and comes to include things like “stand-in for Amy Poehler on the set of Parks And Recreation.” That’s the job Hadley Meares just spent the last four years doing, and she shares what that experience was like over at Atlas Obscura.

Describing her position as being “a crash test dummy with a working mouth,” Meares was used to help the crew figure out things like lighting and staging, without taking up the valuable time of the on-screen talent. On the whole, the work sounds more tedious than glamorous, but hanging out with Chris Pratt 100 percent makes it worth it.


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