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Jonathan Nichols, a public interest attorney in Magnolia, Washington, has a slight problem with his cell phone, but it’s a hilarious, entertaining problem. As reported by Nicole Brodeur in The Seattle Times, Nichols receives a lot of calls and texts intended for Seattle hip-hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot, “the J.R. Ewing of Seattle.” This is not a random occurrence, however. Back in 2012, when he was a “broke law student,” Nichols purchased a new cellphone, and Verizon gave him a number that used to belong to the famous rapper and noted voluptuary. Unaware of this bit of trivia, Nichols was initially fine with the number because it was local to Seattle and easy to remember. Then the explicit texts, sales calls from car dealerships, and photos of callipygian women in bikinis started flooding in. It wasn’t long before the number’s new owner suspected something was amiss. Nichols finally solved the mystery on August 12, 2012, which was Sir Mix-A-Lot’s birthday.


The lawyer has developed a good sense of humor about the whole thing, even sharing his experiences (and some of the wilder texts) with Facebook friends. And Nichols claims never to have taken advantage of the situation, such as using Sir Mix-A-Lot’s number to get free concert tickets. “‘No false representations’ is one of the rules of the bar,” the ethical attorney explains. And what does Sir Mix-A-Lot think of this situation? Brodeur reached out to the rapper, who offered some sage advice to Nichols: “Tell him any really sexy pictures—little in the middle, and if she’s got much back—give them the new number. But not the car dealerships.”

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