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Comedian Tig Notaro is putting in her bid to host next year’s Oscars. It’s at least a little in jest based on the blog post Notaro wrote for her site–especially considering she says the only movies she has seen are “Grease and Star Wars”—but Notaro makes a solid case for herself but noting that, for instance:

Several years back I was hired by comedian Aziz Ansari for an entire day to write for The MTV Movie Awards when he was host and then—BAM!—the next year writer/executive producer Jill Soloway hired me for an entire half day to write for the Emmy’s when Jane Lynch hosted, so I really know the ins and outs of the whole process basically.


She also offers helpful notes about how she lives “relatively close to the theater and wouldn’t be late” and says she’d be “more than happy to promote the ceremony onher podcast, Professor Blastoff, “at no charge to The Academy!!!”

Notaro’s whole case is embellished with totally persuasive photos and is up now on her site. She also is encouraging fans to make sure the “letter goes viral” by using hashtag #HashTigOscars, so, please, do your part.

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