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Read This: These statistics show an Oscar win costs millions (and other absurd facts)

Now that the Academy Award nominations have been unleashed, like publicity-hungry moths to a flame, Oscar speculation begins in earnest. Everything from the odds regarding various awards contenders to what different stars plan to wear will be dissected half to death in the coming days. (Or well beyond death, depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing.) Despite the “beginning” of awards season, studios have been planning all year long for this period, with many films in awards contention already having aggressive campaigns waged on their behalf.

Ealing Studios-based writer-producer Stephen Fellows has compiled a list of some of the more impressive statistics regarding the costs behind the yearly Hollywood love-fest. Some of the more glaring numbers include the fact that a Best Picture Oscar nomination will boost box office grosses by $12.7 million, a winning campaign costs around $1o million, and despite that hefty price tag, Best Picture winners have an average box office increase of little more than $3 million. (A Golden Globe win, by contrast, is worth about $14.2 million in box office revenues. Looks like that awards show is more fun for all kinds of reasons.)


You can read his entire breakdown here. And perhaps Russell Crowe thinks there are plenty of opportunities for women over 40 in Hollywood, but he probably wouldn’t want to switch places with his female award-winner equivalent: Best Actors see a salary bump of roughly $3.9 million, whereas Best Actress winners’ salaries increase by barely $500k.

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