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Read This: The true story of one man's artistic obsession with The White Album

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The A.V. Club likes The Beatles’ The White Album as much as the next person, but vinyl blog Dust & Grooves has the story of one guy who really, really likes it. Rutherford Chang is has 693 copies of the record, all from the first pressing of the 1968 double LP.


He’s been collecting the records as part of an art project, “We Buy White Albums,” which is currently on display at New York’s Recess gallery. Visitors to the exhibit are invited in to peruse the collection, which contains copies of The White Album that have been doodled on, have water damage, are more than gently worn, or are in perfectly fine condition. Chang says he’s attracted to the records because he likes seeing how they’ve aged, and finds the ones in shoddier condition to be more interesting. Dust & Grooves has photos of some of the more interestingly worn copies of the record from the show.

As part of the exhibition, Chang’s been playing different copies of the record all day every day, with the ultimate goal of releasing a new double-LP made from all recordings layered on top of each other. Check out a preview of the finished project below.

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