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Read This: The ongoing quest to revive Josta, Pepsi’s ’90s-era energy drink

Not long before Red Bull debuted stateside in 1997 and started giving everybody wings, Pepsi revealed Josta, an energy drink before energy drinks were a thing. It had a panther on the can and was loaded with guaraná (a plant with a lot of caffeine in it). Pepsi discontinued it four years after its introduction in 1995.

Josta is long gone, but not forgotten. The Daily Dot has a thorough look at the ongoing fan campaign to bring it back, a campaign that’s been running for over a decade. In the years since the drink went off the market, the Josta faithful have spammed Pepsi with coordinated requests to bring it back, set up a website and Twitter account, and even resorted to mixing their own versions at home when the real thing became too scarce… or the few precious bottles remaining grew too old to safely drink.


For now, the fight goes on, but considering how many pop cultural artifacts from the ’90s have been refurbished lately, it seems like it could come to a head at any moment.

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