The boys of AT & Love

The Kids In The Hall are touring once again and, to celebrate their return to the stage, Esquire asked Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney to list some of their favorite sketches from their show’s run.

The favorites as chosen by the Kids range from the out and out funny of Kevin McDonald’s “King Of Empty Promises,” which McKinney describes as “one of his favorites of Kevin’s,” classic characters such as the Headcrusher, Cabbage Head, and the Chicken Lady as well as the just plain bizarre “Love And Sausages.” Each clip features comments by McCulloch, McDonald, and McKinney, and some of the clips Esquire pulled for the piece are from a 2013 Nerdist interview, meaning they also feature short, Chris Hardwick-led interviews after the sketch offering insight into the Canadian comedy mind.


Notably absent from the short list are Scott Thompson’s Buddy Cole, “Girl Drink Drunk,” and anything involving Paul Bellini. Of course, considering the show’s five year run, including all of the fan favorites would be an exercise in futility. Let’s just assume all 30 Helens agree with The Kids.