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Read This: That new Mumford & Sons video seems to have been as fun to make as it is to watch

Mumford & Sonsvideo for “Hopeless Wanderer” has been blowing up all over the place. That's to be expected when Will Forte, Ed Helms, and Jasons Bateman and Sudeikis portray the suspender-wearin, banjo-playin, Mason-jar-sippin quartet that has risen to fame for being anything but funny. The L.A. Times recently ran an interview with the video’s director, Sam Jones, about the shoot, and it's pretty enlightening.

Some tidbits from the piece: All the comedians offered to do the video for free, but worked for SAG scale instead, and the clip was shot on the farm where Dwight and Angela's wedding took place on The Office. Apparently Ed Helms really wanted to be banjo player Winston Marshall because he actually plays the instrument, but he looks more like pianist Ben Lovett, so that happened. Also, the band really wanted the video to be for their hit “Babel,” instead of “Hopeless Wanderer,” but Jones refused. Will Forte was quite sick during the one-day shoot, rendering his steamy make out scene with Sudeikis a veritable risk. Oh, and the band totally loves the video, because of course they do. Read the whole article here, and fuel future interruptions when showing friends the video for the first time.

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