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Of all the subjects to inspire great passion and dedication in this world, shredded cabbage served with vinaigrette dressing would not seem to be high on the list. For most, coleslaw is nothing but a limp, soggy side dish, perhaps something to be consumed absentmindedly at a picnic. It is the type of food for which words like “fine” are created. But for Facebook user Edward Sanborn and his girlfriend, Lisa, there is a certain art to making great coleslaw. It should, for instance, be moist but not watery. And it should have the flavor of vinegar, but not excessively so. As reported by Andrea Romano at Mashable, the two have started a Facebook group dedicated exclusively to systematic ’slaw evaluation. It is called, fittingly enough, Coleslaw Review, and accepts user-submitted reviews as well. In order to give this process some scientific validity, the group’s founders have even developed an eight-step rating process, with categories devoted to taste, texture, presentation, and other factors. A representative example, based on a KFC in Haverhill, Massachusetts:


The Colonel’s coleslaw, one will see, rates high in nearly all categories. Sanborn was not, however, impressed with KFC’s “cheap bowl.” That limits its presentation score. Other than that, a quality ’slaw. For foodies, Coleslaw Review might make for some interesting reading material. Those who want to listen to some music as they read are advised to check out the 1949 song “Coleslaw” by Louis Jordan. The lyrics reveal that rhapsodizing about coleslaw is nothing new. “When you crunch and gnaw a bunch of coleslaw,” Jordan sings, “keeps you chewing like a crosscut saw.”

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