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For the past couple years, Seinfeld2000 has been exploring what Seinfeld would still be like if it were around today, and the voyage has been nothing short of fantastic. What started out as a parody of the bougie SeinfeldToday has ballooned into a multimedia experience, complete with video games, Arcade Fire videos and guided journeys through imagination.

Now, in what may be the apex of the entire experience (until they can find a way to put a Twitter account on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee), Seinfeld2000 has interviewed Newman himself. Wayne Knight sat down with the veiled figure behind the account for a recollection of his insane career and to briefly plug his show Exes. Knight goes into a fair amount of detail on his time on Seinfeld, and the not entirely coincidental times that his movie career and Seinfeld tenure crossed paths. The fairly lengthy interview is up now on Vice, and it’s worth a read, if only for how open Wayne Knight seems to be to being interviewed by a parody Twitter account.


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