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Read this: Patti Smith wrote a moving tribute to Lou Reed for The New Yorker

In the week since Lou Reed’s death, many friends, collaborators, and fans have offered remembrances and obituaries to the late, great songwriter and performer. For the November 11 issue of The New Yorker, contemporary Patti Smith penned a Postscript detailing her reaction to Reed’s death and sharing a few recollections from their friendship. It’s a concise and melancholy tribute, closing by trying to make sense of the timing with a mix of fate and coincidence. “Before I slept, I searched for the significance of the date—October 27th—and found it to be the birthday of both Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath. Lou had chosen the perfect day to set sail—the day of poets, on Sunday morning, the world behind him.”

The full column is here.


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