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Illustration for article titled Read This: Mitch Hurwitz details the rise, fall, and rise of emArrested Development/em for emRolling Stone/em

The storied struggle and resurrection of one of TV's most cult-ish comedies could itself work as some kind of tragiccomic series. Arrested Development found massive acclaim when it first hit the airwaves but struggled to find a big enough audience to make Fox happy. Now a whole new season is headed to Netflix after its creator Mitch Hurwitz used every ounce of muscle he had to bring it back to life.


Rolling Stone's Andy Greene sat down with Hurwitz in the middle of a busy-sounding 18-hour workday prepping the new episodes for their debut this Sunday. Hurwitz laid out the skinny on the frustrations he experienced trying to keep the show afloat without weakening his original vision ("Not getting an audience meant there was a lot of struggle to change the show in fundamental ways") and Fox executives' itchy trigger finger despite the show's dogged and determined three-season run. ("They also had no Emmy campaign because the last thing they wanted in that third season was to win another Emmy.")

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