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Read This: Jerry Seinfeld dodges Seinfeld2000 during Reddit AMA

(Screenshot: Seinfeld2000 Twitter)

For three and a half years now, the popular Seinfeld2000 Twitter account has been asking a simple if not quite grammatical question: “Imagen Seinfeld was never canceled and still NBC comedy program today?” Apart from that quasi-reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm, however, the famed show about nothing has yet to return to the airwaves with new episodes, though it remains in constant reruns. When series star Jerry Seinfeld recently participated in a Reddit AMA to promote the new season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, it seemed like a perfect time to ask the man himself what a 2016 version of his show would be like and whether his character would, in fact, get an iPad. As Esquire’s Matt Miller reports, however, that’s not how it went down. Seinfeld2000 tried mightily to take part in the AMA, and his question (in part, “What do u think seinfeld would be like today?”) was the one most frequently upvoted by other Reddit users, but no answer came from Seinfeld.

That’s not to say that the AMA was without its revelations, however. Seinfeld did say that he gave “a solid six hours” of consideration to the prospect of Bee Movie 2. The comedian seems aware that the first Bee Movie is the source of a lot of internet ardor or at least morbid fascination. But the follow-up ain’t happening. “If you have any idea what animation is,” Seinfeld said, “you’d never do it.”


Miller culls some other highlights from the AMA. No, Seinfeld does not watch his own reruns on TV. “It’s like watching your home movies,” he explained, which makes sense except for the fact that people do watch their own home movies. The comedian did take some furniture from the Seinfeld set and is seeking a home for it in some museum. Maybe the Smithsonian is interested. The iconic couch from Seinfeld’s apartment could go nicely between Fonzie’s jacket and Archie Bunker’s chair. And Seinfeld revealed that interviewing President Barack Obama was like being in a Jason Bourne movie:

That was the most fun I ever had. The coolest part of that episode, that you couldn’t see, was the head of the secret service explaining to me what was going to happen if someone started shooting at us. What they would do to the president and where they were going to throw me in the back of a van. That was really exciting Bourne Identity stuff.

As Kenny Bania might put it, “That’s gold, Jerry. Gold.”

[via Esquire]


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