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One of Disney+’s major selling points upon launch (aside from owning pretty much every major IP in the goddamn world), was its massive back catalog of films and shows, many of which were previously difficult to find. For a lot of 90’s kids, one of the streamer’s biggest surprises was the inclusion of Gargoyles, the cult classic animated series now widely considered very much ahead of its time in terms of world-building, minority character representation, and narrative storytelling. Many of our favorite subsequent cartoons’ more mature tones and long-form story arcs are owed to Gargoyles’ trailblazing, even though it only lasted three seasons (the final of which isn’t even considered canon by most).


The show’s early success led to plans for an extended universe of shows and films in the vein of Marvel’s current strategy, but it all crumbled. The reason? The O.J. Simpson trial.

Today, Polygon published an extensive interview that Tasha Robinson—who, full disclosure, is a former A.V. Club staffer—conducted with Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman. It details the history of his passion project, thoughts on its legacy, and dreams for the series’ possible future. It’s a rollercoaster of an interview, but perhaps the most intriguing takeaway is that the show’s cancellation was due in part to the O.J. Simpson murder trial encroaching on Gargoyles’ airtime.


It’s a fascinating read, and Weisman, despite receiving no profits, still sounds super passionate about the show. Also, by his account, Jordan Peele was at one point interested in somehow bringing back the show. The interview ends with Weisman pleading to fans (and Peele) to make this a reality.

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