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Read This: How the Jedi killed Star Wars Galaxies

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Star Wars Galaxies, the Star Wars MMO released in the wild, wooly pre-World of Warcraft days, was a beautiful, insanely ambitious disaster. It allowed its players to get as close a simulation of living in the Star Wars universe as the world has seen. You could be a bounty hunter, space trapper, space stylist, or even join a shittier version of Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, but only if you were prepared to put up with a whole heaping helping of jank.

Now, four years after Star Wars Galaxies shuttered its doors to players, and a decade after working on the game, former Galaxies creative director Raph Koster is opening up about the original vision for the game and how its troubled development led to the downfall of that vision. While all of Koster’s (lengthy) blog posts have been interesting, this post about the game’s Jedi is especially noteworthy. Jedi were seriously rare in Galaxies—what with it taking place in the original trilogy’s timeline and all—and Koster goes into detail about both turning that rarity into an asset, and how revealing the secret to becoming a Jedi killed the game. Read all of Koster’s ongoing blog here.

[via Metafilter]

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