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Read This: Here's an interview with two girls who write dinosaur erotica

Dinosaur erotica is a real thing. Repeat: There are modern stories about women being taken and ravished by pterodactyls and triceratops. The Cut did God’s work and tracked down two popular dino-rotica authors, Alara Branwen and Christie Sims, for an interview.

In the talk, twentysomething college students Branwen and Sims (not their real names, because would you write dino porn under your real name?) reveal that together, they make more than their friends who are engineers and accountants combined. They’ve written about 200 short, erotic stories, most of them about dinosaurs or monsters of some sort, and Branwen, for one, got into the business because she realized that she could make more money writing stories about “dragons having their way with busty maidens” than she could as a supermarket clerk. Fair enough, really. Someone’s got to do it.


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