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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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As this year’s Super Bowl approaches, the nation is beginning to rise up with a united voice, screaming out, “What will the brands do?!” Just as the Seahawks and Patriots are emerging as bookmakers’ favorites to face off at the Feb. 1 game, a few things seem to be safe bets when it comes to Super Bowl ads. There will be talking babies; there will be animals acting like people; there will be animals doing damage to their owners’ groins; there will be sarcastic bartenders saying, “Heh, really?” to fancy drink-requesting nerds, and sepia-toned trucks driving through quarries or farms over Sam Elliott narration, and restaurant chains flashing hashtags like “#PancakesAreBae” on the screen. But for anyone looking for greater certainty, AdWeek has the rundown.


Namely, the publication has be a Super Bowl ad tracker rounding up a running list of all known details on the commercials set to air during what advertisers not affiliated with the NFL are legally compelled to call “The Big Game.” The list so far has specific details on a few of the commercials and includes several carmakers and food and beverage companies, among other categories. Anyone who watches the Super Bowl out of slavish adherence to consumerism rather than slavish adherence to football can keep watching AdWeek‘s list for more in the coming weeks.

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