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With only four episodes left, we’re running out of time to make you click on anything related to Breaking Bad before its entire story has been revealed. But in case everything that already made it into the show isn’t enough, Entertainment Weekly’s cover story on the end of the series includes a roundup with creator Vince Gilligan, producer Peter Gould and story editor Gennifer Hutchinson about all the potential storylines that got cut from the show.


This isn’t the usual "Jesse was supposed to die," or "the show was originally set in Riverside, California"-level knowledge. These are ideas from the writers' room floor, ranging from the blackly comic and weird (Marie accidentally shoots a UPS guy), to the heartbreaking (Jesse visiting Jane’s dad in the hospital), to the hugely ambitious (Walt flies to South America to make a deal with a drug lord who operates out of a prison). There are even some early ideas that mutated over the course of the series to fit in with how the show changed, such as how a brutal drug lord nicknamed "Keyser Söze" who paralyzed a henchman with a chisel evolved into Gus Fring and his box cutter. There are a dozen excised plots in all, each with succinct stories of why they never made it—reasons that include their taking too much time away from the central story, to the writers just coming up with better ideas. Though, giving Walter Jr. something to do besides eat breakfast might have been useful.

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