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Read This: Comedians reflect on Mitch Hedberg’s legacy 10 years after his death

Ten years ago today, the comedy world lost Mitch Hedberg, who died at the age of 37. Hedberg, known for his non sequiturs and matter-of-fact cadence, had a very simple formula for his material, often relying on observations and one-liners. But he is remembered as one of the funniest comics of all time, and his death deeply impacted the stand-up comedy world.

Today, Vice remembers the comedy legend by publishing reflections from a handful of comedians who talk about Hedberg’s lasting legacy and influence on the comedy world, sharing some of their favorite Hedberg memories. Comedians Marc Maron, Chris Cubas, Eliza Skinner, Hannibal Buress, and Emily Heller informally discuss Hedberg, his work, and the emotions brought on by his death. It’s a deep, funny, and sad piece, and one that’s well worth reading for any fan of Hedberg’s work.

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