Chain restaurants are a beautifully grotesque thing. There’s something comforting about food that perfectly meets expectations, but also an underlying question about the food’s quality that’s best left unasked. But thanks to—surprise, surprise—Reddit, that question has been asked, by way of a thread that solicits employees of chain restaurants to dish about what items are best left unordered. Salon combed through the thread, compiling a best-of-the-worst guide to let you know what truly egregious practices should have you avoiding Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad. Whether it be Panera Bread’s soup coming out of a bag and being technically labeled as “Institution food” or the fact Wendy’s chili meat is the remnants of burnt burgers collected in a drawer, it’s a rather unappetizing peek behind a curtain that was best left unexplored. Though it would be interesting to hear what’s up with Pizza Hut’s hot dog pizza, wouldn’t it?