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Read This: Celebrate the 50-point basket with a history of Rock N’ Jock sports


Anyone between the ages of 25 and 40 who spent at least one lazy Saturday or Sunday in front of the TV probably saw at least one of MTV’s Rock N’ Jock sporting events, be it the annual basketball bout or the Softball Challenge. And while memories of the 50-point basket and Roger McDowell’s wigs loom large (as do people on Twitter saying “hey, they should bring that thing back”), because the games ran pre-Internet, there really wasn’t much information about them floating around. Luckily, Complex just posted an oral history of the events, complete with reminiscences from three producers, announcer Steve Albert, and player/coaches Dan Cortese and Bill Bellamy. It’s really everything you’d ever want it to be, with descriptions of the events’ origins, smack talk about whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio had game, and insanely dated photos of Jaleel White, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Smith throwing the ol’ rock around. Cortese also gets in a borderline gratuitous amount of name-dropping, mentioning his close personal buds David Duchovny and Rande Gerber, but then he points out that, while he’s not nearly as popular as his old Rock N’ Jock teammates Jon Stewart and George Clooney, he did hit two home runs and nab MVP honors in one of those softball games, so how about we all cut the dude some slack?

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