Cameron Esposito often uses her sexuality as fodder during her stand-up sets, and it's both hilarious and beautifully honest. But when someone in the audience—a fellow comic at that—heckles her for said honesty, she strikes back hard.

In "What Not to Yell at a Lesbian Comic," which is now posted on The Advocate's website, Esposito begins by describing the fascinating set of a middle-aged beginner comic who made up for his lack of punchlines with an abundance of big butt references. Her simultaneous fascination with and disdain for the guy is hilariously brilliant. Anyway, once Esposito herself gets up on stage, she starts discussing how she likes her porn: two big, shaved, sexy black guys. This elicits quite the reaction from the aforementioned comic, and their exchange is both feminist and comedy gold. Do yourself a favor and read it all here.