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Read This: Bryan Cranston got awesomely surly and funny for a Reddit AMA

Bryan Cranston participated in Reddit's Ask Me Anything yesterday, which, in case it's not obvious from the title, is a forum in which readers can ask people anything. (It's not always celebrities, and it's often fascinating.) The Breaking Bad star was unfiltered and hilarious in his answers, admitting that he voiced a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers character (apparently true) and positing that the funniest moment in his career was when he saw a guy get killed by a crane (probably not true). When asked what his favorite moment in Breaking Bad was, he responded: "I'll say my favorite meth moment was the teaser in season 3 where Windy was the song and they had the meth whore, Wendy, trying to score and she would give head to anyone who would drive by in order to get her fix. Juxtaposed with that bubbly song were these horrible acts where she's squatting in the alley, taking a pee. It was just nasty, nasty visuals and I thought it was brilliant." You can read the entire thing right here; make sure to set aside some time to reflect on how awesome it would be to hang out with Bryan Cranston. He might even call you a pussy.


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