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Read This: An oral history of Galaxy Quest

"A lot of fart jokes with Tim. Some weren’t jokes, some were actually farts."

It’s amazing what a little time and perspective can do. Instead of the attempts at instant cult films (lookin at you, Sharknado), there are genuine movies that have developed a strong following around them despite not being massive hits upon their release. One of those cult films (though not part of the New Cult Canon), Galaxy Quest, was released 15 years ago to strong reviews and middling box office. In recognition of the movie’s staying power, Jordan Hoffman has assembled an oral history of the film for MTV.com. Hoffman speaks with all of the principals of the film; the producer, director, writer, and stars all share stories from the set as well as talk about how they view the film in terms of their own careers.

There’s a real fondness for the film that comes through the interviews, as all involved seem to have enjoyed the filmmaking experience as much as watching the final product. Hoffman’s piece has lots of great behind the scenes photos from the shoot as well as insight into the relationship of everyone on the set. For example, producer Steven Spielberg’s notes would end up expanding the roles played by Justin Long and Missi Pyle. Tim Allen’s inability to turn off his natural tendency to be funny seemed to have irked Alan Rickman, and leads to Tony Shalhoub recalling, “[a] lot of fart jokes with Tim. Some weren’t jokes, some were actually farts.”


It’s a great portrait of a film that could be easily seen as a mere mockery of Star Trek, but its sincerity, intelligence, and inventiveness has endeared it to many lovers of sci-fi and film. In fact, Galaxy Quest has been so embraced by the Trekkie fanbase that it was ranked as the seventh best Star Trek film ever made. Read Hoffman’s post over on MTV.com and check out an assembly of all the utterances of the “Grabthar’s Hammer” oath below:

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