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Read this: An interview with the owners of Mister Bubz, angriest dog on the internet

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Somehow, in 2020, we’ve become used to the concept of “pet influencers.” While it’s easy enough to understand how people manage the accounts—and media empires—of weird-looking but otherwise normal animals like Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, or Jiffpom, keeping up with the lifestyle of pets who can’t stop, say, pulling sweet skateboard tricks or growling at everything in their vicinity seems a lot tougher.

Over at Uproxx, Vince Mancini examined the latter case through an interview with Lizze Gordon about what it’s like for her and her roommate James to serve as the guardians of notoriously pissed-off dog influencer Mister Bubz. Bubz, a small creature that loves baring his teeth and snapping ineffectually for no apparent reason, has 702,000 followers on his Instagram, mostly because it’s entertaining to watch the bug-eyed little monster mindlessly lash out (but not actually hurt) the humans who give him food, shelter, and affection.


Gordon describes how Mister Bubz came into her life, adopted after a friend had to give him up, and subsequently hit the big time after she and James shared a video of the dog being pet and kissed while making bizarre groaning noises and showing off his fangs.

Mister Bubz—originally called “Ernest Beelzebub Homokay” after Gordon’s fiance’s last name, a friend’s nickname, and, presumably, the Lord Of The Flies himself—instantly grew attached to Gordon, “had to have physical contact [with her] at all times,” and began making his aggressive demon noises anytime someone was in the same room with her. Over time, they noticed that, while they “don’t think it’s a genuine threat,” Bubz is “a loud boy” who will growl and bark at “everything.”

Gordon calls Mister Bubz’ internet fame “very weird” and “pretty funny,” saying it wasn’t planned and that she and James “are both writers and that’s our main focus.” Even without them trying especially hard, keeping Bubz Instagram page going has meant getting the dog “a team of attorneys,” the same “trademark team [that] represents Britney Spears,” and led to stuff like bringing Bubz to Ozzy Osborne’s 70th birthday party. (“[Osborne] just growled at Bubz for 10 minutes, was really nice to us, took a picture with us in front of their Christmas tree, and then he shuffled off.”)


Read the entire interview to learn more about Mister Bubz, the people who live with him, and what it’s like to manage the social media account of a furry goblin that seems to despise everything about the world he lives in.

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