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One of the very first clues as to what exactly you’re in for with Mad Max: Fury Road is when the camera centers on a masked man bouncing around on bungee cords shredding guitar from the top of a truck (the Doof Wagon) that’s—to low ball it— 75 percent amplifiers. And then the guitar starts shooting flames.


After being hailed by audiences as “fucking awesome,” a number of outlets have taken it upon themselves to interview the man behind one of the most singular non-speaking performances in recent memory. The “Doof Warrior” is played by Australian guitarist/actor/writer/painter/mononym iOTA, who had some interesting insights and stories about playing the nonverbal guitarist. Notably, interviews have uncovered the origin of the name Doof, the fact that the flamethrower-guitar and Doof Wagon are both (unsurprisingly) fully functional—although in the guitar’s case, apparently kind of shitty—and that the Doof Warrior has both a first name and backstory, neither of which are explored in the film. They’re all fun, short interviews with a guy who, despite sounding pretty pretentious, just seems amped to be speeding around the desert in a Mad Max movie. Check out Noisey, Yahoo, and Audiences Everywhere for the full interviews.

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