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Read This: All the “Weird Al” you can handle (and more)

It’s been the week of “Weird Al” here at The A.V. Club, but if 11 questions, five music videos, and a handful of heartfelt musical appreciations aren’t enough, there’s plenty more weird where that came from in Mara Altman’s Kindle Singles interview with the indomitable Mr. Yankovic. Yes, it costs a dollar to download, but the interview is based on a two-and-a-half hour in-depth conversation covering his start in show business, his creative process, why UHF was supposed to turn him into the next Woody Allen, his kerfuffle with Lady Gaga, how his daughter keeps him on the pulse of sixth-grade humor, and why he’s saving his sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll days for when he’s old, all for the price of a pack of gum.


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