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Read This: “All Of My Issues With The Goodnight Moon Bedroom”

Parents notice funny things about the media their kids consume. What, for instance, powers the train in Dinosaur Train? Hopefully not coal or oil, right? That kind of parental attention to detail is what inspired the blogger behind The Ugly Volvo to write “All Of My Issues With The Goodnight Moon Bedroom,” a post about—you guessed it—all of her issues with the bedroom sketched out in Goodnight Moon. For instance, the size of the massive bedroom, which the writer says is a “nice bedroom and/or place to possibly hold the 2024 Olympics,” and the existence of “the world’s smallest, most useless clothesline,” which sits in the middle of the room and holds just two socks and two mittens. Some of her other hilarious observations are screencapped below, but the whole post is here and well worth reading.


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