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Read This: Ahead of VidCon, learn more about the women of YouTube

(Screenshot: Youtube)

On the precipice of VidCon—an annual conference for online video viewers and creators that celebrates and dissects the culture around online video content—Daily Dot has released a series of profiles highlighting the women of YouTube. Aptly titled The Women Of YouTube, the series aims to show how women’s voices on YouTube are covering a vast range of topics. “From scientific explainers to beauty unboxings and troll takedowns, these women are pushing boundaries and inspiring the next generation on a daily basis,” the introduction to the series reads.

The profiles include 19-year-old Alessia Cara, who went from uploading covers online to opening for Coldplay on tour and topping charts with her song “Here.” There’s also My Drunk Kitchen-creator Hannah Hart, MTV’s Decoded host Franchesca Ramsey, comedy vlogger GloZell Green, fitness instructor Ali Kamenova, comedian Lilly Singh, and Grace Helbig, who went from daily vlogging to making movies.


“The best part about producing your own content is that nobody can ever take that away from you, no matter what, no matter how big or how small you are,” said the always optimistic Hart, who recorded herself drunkenly making a grilled cheese (without cheese) back in 2011 and then turned the premise into a wildly popular drunk cooking show for YouTube. “If you have the urge to create, you’ll always be able to.”

Learn more about this incredible group of women by checking out the full series, which goes into depth on their respective careers, the way they engage with fans, and what it’s like to be a star online.

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