It's been more than 12 hours, so naturally it's time for some more Breaking Bad related news. Today's tidbit: Aaron Paul took to Reddit yesterday and participated in one of the site's Ask Me Anything interviews. Since most famous people don't do an AMA without promoting a project or charity, Paul asked Redditors for donations to his wife's charity that "brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of bullying."

Some of the questions were well thought-out and warranted really interesting answers.

The word "bitch" was used upwards of 60 times in the top 200 comments alone, but Paul doesn't seem to mind fans' incessant overuse of the term, nor does he seem to mind using it himself.


Oh, and there was also this.


Paul also professed his love of sriracha sauce, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Alt-J, and The Lumineers. The whole thing in its bitchy entirety is still available here.