Few Saturday morning kid shows have matched the success of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Action figures alone brought in more than $1 billion for the brand in its first year on the air. Naturally that kind of renown brings with it many stories, and some folks over at Complex have compiled interviews with one of the show's creators, some of the cast, and the composer of that super rockin' theme song, all to commemorate the show's 20th anniversary.

The content is kind of all over the place, but there are some fascinating nuggets. The show floated around various studios for more than five years after its conception, with many producers laughing it off. There's even an explanation of that whole racism debate concerning the black and yellow rangers.


The actors spent so much time together during filming that they didn't have much else to do off set than hang out with one another, spurring solid friendships along with a bit of drama. And, according to theme song composer Ron Wasserman, the stars were all kind of assholes. "The show was so massive and their egos were so off the charts about it," he said. "It was obvious—they weren't doing Saving Private Ryan. They were just being beaten to death working seven days a week. And time has spoken for itself; unfortunately none of them have really gone on to do anything huge."

There are many more stories about auditions, crazy fans, and onscreen romance. It's all available here.