Professional wrestling lies on the dividing line between sporting event and scripted reality programming, but its popularity is undeniable. r/SquaredCircle is the hub of all professional wrestling discussion on Reddit, and since February threads have gone up asking users to make predictions for various pay-per-view events. That sounds like a perfectly fun endeavor for wrestling fans—but one user is breaking the bank on his predictions, a perfect 38 for 38 so far since Elimination Chamber in February. Deadspin has the analysis, and it’s pretty clear that WWE has a problematic leak on their hands. The user, Dolphins1925, has predicted not just every single one-on-one match, but showdowns between six and seven wrestlers at a time. But fear not, wrestling fans, the user isn’t doing it just to be malicious, but instead to expose that “WWE insiders [are] leaking PPV outcomes” in order to put a stop to it.

“What’s the big deal with spoiling pro wrestling matches?” one might ask. Despite the emotional outpourings of certain fans, at a certain point everyone realizes they’re fake. Gambling would be the answer, as Barry Petchesky has delved into the alarmingly growing trend of betting on theatrical sporting events—although, given the rampant match-fixing in soccer around the world being uncovered, the question of legitimate sport hangs in the balance more than ever. Still, it’s an increasingly fascinating trend that WWE will have to address to quell the streak of correct “predictions” by an anonymous Redditor claiming to get his information from someone who knows match outcomes within the organization.