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Read This: A lone survivor battles wolves in the wasteland in this comic

Illustration: Yael Nathan

The A.V. Club has shared pieces by El Comics before, and for good reason. Creators Ehud Lavski and Yael Nathan know how to make stand-alone comic vignettes with the compelling rhythms of a good anthology show; sci-fi and a little spooky, but not overly dark. They’re more Amazing Stories than Black Mirror. Nathan has a clean, contemporary illustration style and Lavski is smart about keeping the language simple and uncluttered in service of telling a story.

Here’s their most recent effort. Even if you’re not particularly interested in a succinct little post-apocalypse flood myth retelling, you can enjoy some spooky mutated wolves. And you can check out the rest of their work here. With El Comics, there’s a little something for everybody.


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