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Read This: A flippin’ awesome love letter to Adventure Time

Adventure Time, which begins airing its sixth season on Monday, inspires a startling amount of love and devotion from its many fans, who latch on to its heartfelt depiction of childhood and a surreal, anthropomorphic candy-filled world. For a deep dive into how Adventure Time came to be, the people who make it, and what they aim to accomplish with the show, give Maria Bustillos’ digital cover story on the show a read (or four). The feature, published by The Awl, includes extensive interviews with creator Pendleton Ward, Cartoon Network executive Rob Sorcher, and the rest of the show’s important creative staff.

For newcomers, Bustillos and the Adventure Time team touch on pretty much everything that makes the show special, from the deep bench of human characters (especially the Ice King) and its ability to mimic video games to the way cartoons are uniquely able to approach the sublime and the show’s Roland Barthes-influenced collaborative spirit. For diehard fans, there’s a clearer picture of how the series is made, a deep dive into the relationship between “Simon And Marcy,” and sidebars answering specific questions about the show, most importantly: “Why is Marceline so upset about her dad eating her fries?”

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