Mad Max: Fury Road may not have conquered the box office, but it has still garnered lots of praise from critics. It currently has a 98 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and The A.V. Club’s own A.A. Dowd lauded George Miller’s vision, saying “[f]or all the chaos erupting at all times, we never lose track of what’s going on, because it’s been staged not just with diabolical mischief, but also total clarity. What a movie.” But what about the demographic that really counts? What about a 70-year-old woman’s take on the high octane fueled action blockbuster?

Over at Birth.Movies.Death. (neé Badass Digest), Scott Wampler invited his 70-year-old mother-in-law to review the film. She, in turn, delivered a great piece of writing that is pretty funny, insightful, and spot on. Mary, the guest reviewer, hails the film because it didn’t put her to sleep and it didn’t feature “grubby” Mel Gibson. She also goes on to praise the way older women were portrayed in the film and even addresses the “controversy” brought up by MRAs by stating:

I don’t understand what those men Men’s Rights Activists are saying about Mad Max; that’s ridiculous. They should be proud at the way men were portrayed in this film. Max acted like a true man, he showed courage and strength. He held men’s standards very well, came in there like a true man and helped those in need. And they’re angry about the theme of men destroying the world and starting wars compared to women nurturing and rebuilding it, but that’s just a reality.


It’s a fun read that is adorably quaint while an excellent distillation of what makes Fury Road such an entertaining experience in the theaters. Read the entire review here.