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Read This: 3 ways to tell whether a viral photo is fake

A doctored photo from the set of The Dark Knight

Fake viral photos pop up all the time, whether they’re milking sentiment out of a national tragedy or just making it seem like John Lennon had a jam session with Che Guevara. Thankfully, The Daily Dot released a handy guide on how to tell if a viral photo is fake. (Hint: If it involves Heath Ledger’s Joker skateboarding over Batman it’s definitely fake no matter how many times it gets shared online.)

There’s nothing too earth shattering in the article, but it talks through some of the finer points of searching by image on Google, using the Twitter search tool Topsy, and remembering that Snopes is a website that exists. Or you can do what The A.V. Club does and assume everything on the Internet is fake.


Read the full article over at The Daily Dot.

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