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Reggie Watts’ eccentric presence is sorely missed on Comedy Bang! Bang!, but at least he’s doing some very good work on The Late Late Show. Watts is undoubtedly best known for his musical abilities, but he is also a Pulitzer-worthy journalist. On The Late Late Show, Watts is always sure to ask the hard-hitting questions, like the time he asked Helen Hunt: “How have things been lately, and are you still into it?” There was also the time he asked Carla Gugino a two-folded hard-hitter: “One, do you enjoy the kindness of strangers? And two, what character class would you play in Dungeons And Dragons?” Watts is like if Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters, and all the other famous journalists with “Walter” in their names got together to make an amalgamated clone of themselves.

Vulture certainly gets it. Devon Ivie at Vulture has compiled a list of every question Watts has asked a Late Late Show guest over the course of his tenure. Watts knows his shit. He definitely studied up on Malin Akerman’s heritage before asking her: “When making lussekatt, do you enjoy it, or do you go straight to the glögg?” He’s asking the real questions about The X-Files, too. To Gillian Anderson, he asked: “During the filming of X-Files back in the ’90s, did you ever run into any convincing evidence that informed your character in a way that you still carry with you today?” And to David Duchovny, he asked: “When you started making The X-Files and there was all of that zeitgeist happening, how much UFO research did you find to be actually interesting enough to believe in?” When there are pressing questions to be asked, Watts is the man for the job.


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