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Reach your livestock quota with Google Sheep View

Google Street View is one of the crowning achievements of the internet, on par with Wikipedia and Yahoo comment board hatefighting. You can use it to look at your own house, creepily reminisce about a former significant other, look at your house, and it’s great for double checking you’re at the right place before knocking on the door of that person selling a 12” Double Bevel Radial Saw through Craiglist. Did we mention you can look at your house?

Inspired by their habit of gazing at sheep while on bucolic train rides in The Netherlands, two Tumblr users found a new use for Google Street View and created Google Sheep View. Now you can honor the Year Of The Sheep by flocking to images of roadside sheep herds ruminating grass on pastoral hillsides interspersed with the occasional goat. And if you want to become more than just another sheep grazing unproductively on Tumblr, Google Sheep View accepts submissions. But please, only share street views of sheep, goats, or rams. If you’ve got some sweet images of Macaques chilling in hot springs, just hold on to those until 2016.


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