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Rdio is gone, and with it a bunch of A.V. Club music content

For the past few years, you may have noticed that whenever The A.V. Club posts a song or a set list, 99 percent of the time we’ve done so using the streaming service Rdio. That’s because Rdio has been the online music repository that caters to those of us who care deeply—perhaps even a little too much—about our music. Unfortunately, as of now, Rdio has shuttered its doors, and that means a lot of old music-related content on our site will no longer have the accompanying tracks that originally paired with our features.

While we’re sure you’d love to get much more in-depth about the reasons for Rdio’s demise, let’s cut to the chase, and talk about what it means for you: A lot of our old Hear This and other music-centric features will no longer possess the songs that were meant to accompany the articles, and for that we’re genuinely sorry, as it takes away some of the ease of access we strive to provide for our readers. If you find yourself confronting an empty space on an old article where a song used to be, feel free to send in a request to comments.avclub@theonion.com. We can’t promise we’ll be able to reinstate everything requested, but we want to hear from you if something is a problem. Thanks for your understanding—no one’s more bummed about the loss of Rdio than we are—and look forward to seeing a lot more Spotify links going forward. (What, you were expecting a turn to Tidal? Come on now.)


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