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Ray Romano to join Parenthood for guest arc

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Because it’s been a while since we’ve gotten to use the big Parenthood notification button, and we wanted to see if you were still paying attention, we’ll break it out to let you know that Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Ray Romano has been recruited for a guest arc for the show’s upcoming fourth season. While the Venn diagram intersection between Everybody Loves Raymond fans and Parenthood fans is probably fairly small, we’re betting the intersection between fans of Parenthood and fans of Romano’s much-lamented (by the six people who watched it) TNT drama series Men Of A Certain Age is larger, given that both shows are about real people having small-scale, realistic problems and both shows are (or, in the case of Men, were) little-watched programs kept alive mostly due to network largesse. Anyway, Romano is joining the cast in the Sept. 11 season premiere and will be playing a love interest for Lauren Graham’s character, which means he’ll be driving a wedge between Graham and her boyfriend/probable fiancée Jason Ritter. This is something Parenthood fans likely won’t be happy about, meaning that many of them probably won’t… you know what? You can probably finish that joke out for yourself.

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