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Ray Donovan now threatening to waste the talents of Wendell Pierce, too

High off of its recent success at the Golden Globes, the objectively terrible Ray Donovan will now be sucking the lifeblood out of incredibly talented actor Wendell Pierce in addition to that of the rest of its esteemed (and now vampiric) cast. Pierce most recently starred in the just-cancelled The Michael J. Fox Show and the just-concluded Treme, but he is best known for his work as “Bunk” on HBO’s The Wire. According to Deadline, Pierce will play a crooked parole officer in Ray Donovan.

Showtime has cast its net wide for Ray Donovan’s second season, with Pierce joining Sherilyn Fenn and Hank Azaria as new hires. The show, a boring melodrama about a family of Boston Irish ex-cons in Los Angeles, has already wasted the talents of Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, and Paula Malcomson, who cannot help but seem like wooden caricatures in the sexed-up universe of Ray Donovan’s L.A. Presumably, this is part of the process of being converted into denizens of the undead.


Meanwhile, Jon Voight, who headlines the series with Schreiber, has clearly gone “full vampire,” as recognized by anyone familiar with the supernatural. Voight recently ventured out into public (at night, of course) to accept a Golden Globe for his work in a supporting role on Ray Donovan, leading us to conclude that the show is now targeting all of Hollywood. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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