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Rashida Jones is making a Breaking Bad for deviant manicurists

Parks And Recreation

If the last decade of TV has taught us anything—admittedly debatable, but stay with us here for a second—it’s that nothing generates smash ratings like taking a seemingly boring job—science teacher, housewife, president of the United States—and injecting it with a little crime. And while Parks And Recreation managed to make it to seven seasons without indulging in the spectacle of Ron Swanson, professional kingpin, one of its alumni is now getting in on the suburban criminal game.

According to Deadline, newly minted TV producer Rashida Jones has just sold TNT on a pilot for Claws, a new series about a crew of manicurists breaking into the world of organized crime. Penned by Eliot Laurence, the writer behind the bizarre Kristen Wiig vehicle Welcome To Me, the show promises that there’s “a lot more going on at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon than silk wraps and pedicures.” So prepare yourself for a lot of jokes about the use of hot wax to torture a stool pigeon, or someone being threatened with whatever the hell a “Polish change” is, as Claws claws its way toward TV screens with an eye toward airing this fall.


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