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Rapper Vince Staples reviews the internet’s hottest memes

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Scott Dudelson)

Whenever a new art form starts to become established, there has to be a bit of a learning period before critics can start to pick out why and how a particular piece is good. It’s not like people walked out of that movie where the train comes right at the audience and instantly started critiquing its character development or narrative structure. People have a better handle on movies these days, but the hottest art form of the modern age is no longer the cinema, it’s stupid Twitter memes. So, to get on the forefront of meme criticism, GQ asked rapper Vince Staples to give his honest opinion on some popular memes, and the results are pretty eye-opening:


Interestingly, Staples’ take on a lot of these memes isn’t especially damning, which wasn’t the case the last time he offered up his opinion on something internet-based. Back in March, he used a performance at SXSW’s Spotify House to complain about Spotify directly to Spotify people. That was pretty cool, but on the other hand, this GQ video features him casually reading “here come dat boi, oh shit waddup,” which is much funnier than his Spotify takedown.

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