Hardcore rap provocateur Timothy Blair, a.k.a. Tim Dog (most famous for his NWA diss track “Fuck Compton” and work with Ultramagnetic MCs) reportedly died back in February from complications related to diabetes. But a growing stream of evidence has begun to suggest that, actually, Tim Dog faked his death in an attempt to avoid paying women he’d scammed into financially supporting a comeback album he never intended to make.

Last week, Esther Pilgrim, one of the victims of Tim Dog’s scamming, claimed he’d been faking his death to escape paying her the $19,000 required by the court after his conviction for grand larceny. A private investigator hired by Pilgrim could find no evidence of a death certificate issued for Blair, but did discover an apparently active address of his in Atlanta.


Now, WREG-TV reports that a judge in Desoto County, MS has issued an arrest warrant for Tim Dog. Prosecutor Steven Jubera noted in the report that none of the obituaries for Blair noted where he was buried (including The A.V. Club’s), instead linking back to the same report by The Source, and that “as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive.”

Even those closest to Blair doubt his death. His collaborator Cedric “Ced-Gee” Miller of Ultramagnetic MCs has voiced suspicions about Blair’s death, refusing to speak at the funeral because the family could not produce a death certificate. Ced-Gee now claims the funeral never actually happened. And All Hip-Hop reports that the funeral did happen but that not only was it not administered by the family, there was no body. According to the report, the family members themselves believe Blair to be alive, adding yet another twist to a story that promises to tip into outright insanity.


[via Egotripland]